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Meet the Team

Here at IXO, we’re one big family. If you’re ever lost about the exchange process and need some guidance, we’re always here for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Get to know our team:

Colby's picture
Colby Seay, IXO Director 
Howdy! My name is Colby Seay, and I am the director of the International Exchange Office. I am really passionate about international education, and I am super excited that you're interested in studying abroad. This will be the most impactful, meaningful, transformative, and fun experience you will have at AUS! We have over 300 options to choose from. So yallah, where do you want to go?!
Grace Morales
Grace Morales, IXO Advisor
Hi, I'm Grace, the Study Abroad Advisor for the inbound and outbound programs and have been with IXO for more than 10 years. No matter how busy we are in our office, you'll find me calm and always work with "grace" under pressure :) You can get in touch with me for advising.
Lillie de Guzman, IXO Coordinator
Hey I’m Lillie! I believe that I am a “people person”. I love meeting people, conversing, and knowing their differences and similarities. IXO gave me the opportunity to do what I love.
Noah Franco, Peer Advisor
Hey Guys! I’m Noah, a Senior Design Management student here at AUS. I studied abroad in my Junior year and had an amazing time. I now work with the IXO office as a Peer Advisor to help students have an equally or even better time studying abroad :)

Elizabeth Atork, Publicist Specialist
Hiya! I’m Liz, Design Management major and Senior Publicity Specialist here at IXO :) If you ever have any questions about studying abroad, you’re more than welcome to pass by our office! (we always have coffee, and sometimes even karak!!)
Ritica Sridhar, Peer Advisor
Hey guys I'm Ritica, a Computer Science major working as a Peer Advisor here at IXO. Most people know me as being a vegetarian, not vegan!! If you have any questions about the exchange program, I’m your girl :)
Eeman Ali, Peer Advisor
Hi guys! I’m Eeman and I’m an International Studies major and History minor working as a Peer Advisor at IXO. Do drop by the office if you want to know more about our study abroad programs!! Happy to help!!
Mohamad AlBaik, Events Specialist
Hello I’m Baik, I’m the event coordinator at IXO! Let’s hope for a full face to face semester so I can actually do some work…
Hana Al-Sheikh headshot
Hana Al-Sheikh, Publicist Specialist
Heyyy, I’m Hana! I’m a publicist at IXO but I also do advising. I might look like I’m done with life but I’m very friendly, it’s just the senior in me!

Contact Us

Staff Email Phone Number
Grace Morales
International Exchange Office Advisor +971-6-515-4018;
Lillie de Guzman
International Exchange Office Coordinator +971-6-515-4027;
Lan-anh API Aveyard
Regional Director for Academic Programs International (API)
For more information about API’s program at AUS, visit +971-6-515-4035;
Colby Seay
Director of International Exchange Office