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How Does It Work?

AUS offers the following two programs for studying abroad: Bilateral and ISEP Exchange.

Bilateral Exchange Program
The Bilateral exchange program is based on applying to universities that hold partnerships with AUS. During your semester(s) abroad, you will be paying your regular AUS tuition fees but the housing fee of your host university. You may apply to up to three bilateral partner universities per semester, and admittance is based upon IXO nomination. You can browse our list of partnered universities here.

ISEP Exchange Program
Applying through ISEP Exchange involves applying through the ISEP portal. Here, you can choose to study abroad from a list of over 300 universities across Europe, Asia, and the United States. The ISEP application involves selecting up to 10 universities, of which you are placed into one of the programs of your choice. During your semester abroad, you will be paying your regular AUS tuition and dorm fees. You can browse the universities offered for exchange here.

Below is a comparison of the Bilateral and ISEP exchange programs:
comparison ISEP bilateral