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What Does It Cost?


Applicants applying to bi-lateral partners must pay a non-refundable application fee of AED 200 by the application deadline.


After being accepted into a program.Once the payment has been made please fill out the Proof of Payment Form,and send it to and cc

Applicants will be responsible for the following:


Non-refundable Deposit: If you are offered and accept your nomination to a bi-lateral partner university, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of AED 500 before being allowed to proceed with the application process through the host university.   This deposit will count toward you tuition during you study abroad semester.Once the payment has been made please fill out the Proof of Payment Form,and send it to and cc


ISEP Fee:  Students applying to ISEP pay an application fee of $390, but are not obligated to the AED 500 deposit.Once the payment has been made please fill out the Proof of Payment Form,and send it to and cc


TuitionPay as normal for a full course load (12-16 credits*).

Students are also responsible for the AUS Student Activities Fee and Plan II health Clinic Fee


Lab/Technical Fees: Paid to host institution according to host institution fees.

Insurance: Students are responsible for arranging their own coverage while abroad. All schools require that students have coverage, and many universities offer student plans. Talk to the advisor at your host university for more information.

Housing: Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangement. Partner universities offer housing to exchange students paid at Host university. ISEP offers Sharing rooms for students and the fee is paid to AUS. Students will still apply for housing through the host institution and are responsible for all deadlines, deposits and costs

Financial Grants/Scholarships: AUS students on grants/scholarships must obtain approval from the Office of Financial Grants and Scholarships before starting a semester abroad at a host university. 

In cases where the AUS student pays tuition and or housing fees directly to  AUS for study abroad, the student will continue to use their AUS grants and AUS-funded scholarships for that semester abroad. In all other cases of students studying abroad, financial grants and AUS-funded scholarships will not be awarded.

These students should speak with the Financial Grants and Scholarship Manager for more information.

Students sponsored by an organization outside of AUS are responsible for making arrangements with their sponsor.


*Students going to AU will only be able to register for four courses or 12 credits. If you wish to register for more credits, you will be responsible for paying the cost of the extra credit hours directly to AU.